2014 properties costs: + Dubai, – Hong Kong

2014 properties costs: + Dubai, – Hong Kong

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The luxury rea estate market seems to see no crisis, but is is subjected to price variations, which decide many investments. At the end of the year, previsions and surveys regarding 2014 cannot miss. According to the experts, UAE, Dubai in particular, will assist to a 10/15% price increasing. Even if it may be affected by the Eurozone crisis, this country seems still to be perceived as safe. The same goes for Beijing, Shanghai, Sidney and Paris (5-10%). Stalled in New York, while decreasing in Hong Kong (5-10%) and Geneva (5%). If you are thinking to invest into the real estate abroad, remember that many countries discourage the non-residents purchasing (e.g.: London). What will happen in Italy? If you think that the investments in our country may decrease too, you are very wrong. Indeed, Italy still confirm itself as one of the destination preferred by the world real estate market. The luxury sector was not affected by the crisis and the price decreasing may only attract further investors. 

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