2016, The Great Estate Property Group: The Positive Trend is Continuing

2016, The Great Estate Property Group: The Positive Trend is Continuing

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The data of 2016 is continuing to confirm the setting and the methodology chosen by our group, even in the moments of extreme difficulty, they are managing to bring significant results.
Some Photos of the Central Office

At the end of the year, we will make a final report of 2016 but, certainly, it should be mentioned that for the end of the third trimester (September 2016) the sales figures of the central office of the Group have increased by a further 20% compared to already good ones of 2015. The results of the last trimester will be important as some negotiations bode well on the positive trend up to the end of the year.


This year, 2016, we can confirm that 100% of our purchasers were international clients coming from the various sides of the world.

– We have noticed that the Brexit, and the consequent devaluation of the pound, have decreased very strongly the interest of the English clients to invest in Italy and we can talk about a deflection in 25-30% of potential interest. It is also true that Italy is considered to be a nation of a good quality of life, but it is also objective that a nearby decline of 30% of the pound against the euro has “calmed” the interest to invest in our beautiful country.

-The same situation concerns the Russian world; we have noticed the continuing decline of interest from the side of Russian clients intending to invest in Italy. First of all, it is because of the divergences between Russia and European Union; there were noticed the basic political measures taken to limit, as much as possible, an output of capital to European Union countries.

Now, we are concluding an important agreement with the clients from Moscow and, unfortunately, we have directly faced with the difficulties related to the transit of capital from Russia to Italy. Moreover, the economy of Russia itself does not live in the best moment of its history; all this is determined by the combination of two very penalizing factors for investments in our country, as for this sector of international clientele.

-Instead, we can confirm the growing interest to our country of the American clients, as well as of the clients from Israel. In fact, both categories result to be favorable also with the strengthening of the euro and as two historically strong economies, like that one of America, are beginning to grow again.

– As for Europe, the clients from Northern Europe like Dutch, Danes, Germans, Belgians and the residents of the Scandinavian peninsula continue to invest in our country. It should be emphasized that another important fact, on the markets of northern Italy, in the presence of Swiss and Austrians customers who see an easily attainable goal in the northern regions of Tuscany.


Andrea Monti, responsible for Great Estate Piedmont

The achieved success is the result of arriving of the last type of customers during the first year of collaboration with the Great Estate group, to our branch in Piedmont. About these achievements, you can read in the next articles  ( Interview with Rosanna;  interview with Martina ).

The CEO of the Great Estate Group, Stefano Petri, and some collaborators

Our office in Marche also is continuing its positive growth, considering the registered clients and closed sales. It would be very pleasant to summarise the data at the end of the year.
The branch in Apulia, after a few months of structured activity, is proceeding with two sales, also with international clients. The collaborators of the Apulia office, as well as the colleagues of the central department, are very proud and satisfied with the obtained results.

The offices in Tuscany, Umbria, and Sardinia are continuing their positive trend!
We can confidently say that the method of GE is working, showing success and effectiveness, and the new platform that will be online at the end of 2016 ( you can read in the next article: By the End of 2016, the New Platform of Great Estate Property Group Will Be Online ), will make communicative and organizational imprinting, which will ensure the growth of the group and will help to achieve the goal on which we have been working for many years.

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