2019 Budget and building activities: tax breaks confirmed

2019 Budget and building activities: tax breaks confirmed

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The new Budget law confirms the fiscal bonus introduced with the 2018 budget package.

Good news for those who have decided to do some building renovation, energy efficiency and anti-seismic works, that want to purchase furnishings or upgrade terraces, gardens and green areas. Indeed, it will be possible to keep enjoying the tax deductions already in force since 2018.

In particular, the 50% IRPEF deduction on the building rehabilitation works – from the simple windows changing to the photo-voltaic system installation – has been extended. The deduction can be applied till a maximum expense of 96.000 euros/building unit, to be divided into 10 annual amounts.

The furnishing bonus – the deduction on the furnishings and large appliances purchase – is confirmed too. In this case, the reduction – which can reach the 50% – is applied to a maximum expense of 10.000 euros.

The tax deduction for the energy saving works can reach the 65% of the value. The so called ecobonushas been extended too. It can be applied to a maximum expense of 100.000, to be divided into ten years. 

The earthquake bonus has been renewed: the energy saving and seismic upgrading works of the building can enjoy of a 85% deduction.

The green bonus has been confirmed too: a 36% IRPEF deduction on the private individuals’ and owners’ costs incurred for the green improvement of terraces, gardens, courtyards and any other private exposed areas, as well as in case of building facades renovation. This bonus can be applied to a maximum expense of 5.000 euros/building unit, including the planning and maintenance costs.

Finally, the new law stands a new boiler bonus including deductions till the 65% for those who substitute the old boilers with the condensing ones.

So, good news from the new Budget law which extends the different building tax bonus. Since 1998 to today, according to the Cresme polls, this extension supported about 300 billion euros of investments.

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