A “call to action” for the Land Register reform

A “call to action” for the Land Register reform

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“Call to Action”, the meeting organized by the Consiglio Nazionale Geometri and Geometri Laureati (CNG&GL) which nationally represents this category, has recently ended.

A true table of confronts chaired by the CNG&GL president, Maurizio Savoncelli, among the CNG&GL, all the technical professions and ABI, ADICONSUM, ANCE, ANCI and Confedilizia, which were presented by Angelo Peppetti (ABI), Fabio Picciolini (ADICONSUM), Marco Zandonà (ANCE), Alessandro Cattaneo (ANCI), Giorgio Spaziani Testa (Confedilizia).

This meeting has two main objectives: creating a dialogue among the participants based on “a methodologic proposal for the reviewing of the building estimate”, a document opened to suggestions and impressions and produced byCNG&GL, as well as laying the foundation for a project which will concern the institutions, first of which the Agenzia Delle Entrate, and that will regards the most important aspects of the new Land Registry reform involving about 62 millions of properties. Before starting the table chaired by Cristiano Dell’Oste, a Sole24Ore journalist, the authorities invited to this event intervened: Luigi Casero (MEF), Mauro Marino (Senato della Repubblica), Daniele Capezzone (Camera dei Deputati), Rossella Orlandi e Gabriella Alemanno (Agenzia delle Entrate), Maurizio D’Errico (Consiglio Nazionale Notariato).

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