An interview with Antonio Anile,tutor with Great Estate who tutored Monti real estate

An interview with Antonio Anile,tutor with Great Estate who tutored Monti real estate

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We know that your tutoring of the Monti Real Estate, Great Estate’s new real estate partner has just recently ended.
Can you tell us how the first month of working with Monti Real Estate has been?

During the first week of May I went to their Piedmont office, and I explained our management tools. In the two weeks since, they have been working independently but they were able to always rely on my support remotely.


When you began tutoring, what were your expectations?

With Great Estate I had the opportunity to learn about new areas that I had never visited before and one of these was in fact Monferrato. Just last week I was in San Gimignano explaining our methodology to potential Great Estate partners who are interested in working with us. This meeting in particular will be beneficial to develop as this particular area is in high demand by foreign clients.
Do you believe that your tutoring will be repeated with other real estate agencies?
Certainly, I believe so, especially if it is with professionals like Andrea Monti, his real estate agency were in fact an ideal partner having a proven track record in the industry and being able to transfer this experience and knowledge to all its employees.
What do you think a real estate agency can achieve from this, sharing in the Great Estate Group’s project?

The real estate agencies can achieve a consolidation of its own brand and identity in their local area as well as a considerable increase in demand from clients on real estate in their portfolio. After a couple of days, they have their entries of properties within the Great Estate network, for example an appointment with an international client has already been arranged.

Monti Real Estate’s brand identity also is further enhanced with the ability to manage properties of a certain prestige that previously they were unable to acquire.

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