Apulia: the Itria Valley extraordinary beauties

Apulia: the Itria Valley extraordinary beauties

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Cloisters, ancient masserias and trulli: this is the amazing Itria Valley.

The Itria Valley: the central territory of Apulia coinciding with the Murge upland, among Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca. Rich of tourists, the Itria Valley is full of historic centres characterized by the strict and Chianche alleys of the area. The amazing white houses with their bloomed balconies, the different churches and monuments catch your attention too. The historic centre of Martina Franca is really unique: a perfect mix among the traditional elements of the Itria Valley historic centres and the Baroque style. Precisely from here, some incredible monuments and works of art as the St. Martino Cathedral and its Collegiata, the porticos and arches have emerged.

We want to remember you that, every year, Martina Franca hosts a very important international event: the Festival della Valle D’Itria.

Trulli, the unique cone-shaped stone houses, masserias and the amazing rural landscape are typical of the Itria Valley too.

Great Estate Apulia

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