Autumn is coming – homes change their colours too

Autumn is coming – homes change their colours too

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Autumn: the winter’s spring. Nature is not the only element which is changing. Our houses, through small or even great tricks, may look completely different as well. Ilaria Peparaio, a Great Estate Immobiliare consultant and the Manging Director of Eletta Home Staging, is going to give us some suggestions to give a glam touch to our homes.

With the fall season arrival, it is time to chance the home décor inspiration that, according to Eletta Home Staging, still has to be very glam.

For Autumn 2019, I would like to propose you a mood-board which echoes the seasonal leaves shades: from rust to copper, a harmony of warm and sophisticated nuances.

As the antique pink, warmest colours mix themselves with grey cold tones. In this way, they create a perfect accord among each other. An atmosphere rich of emotions, where the rooms of the house assume a warm and soft light while enriched by smooth-velvet pillows.

The autumn colour I suggest you is Pantone 16-1448, my favourite one: brick red, rust, fall orange, this is the shade of this season.

Compared to the range of grey, it is able to evoke those thrilling contrapositions that represent the unmistakable Eletta’s style feature.

However, emotions are not just visual and tactile: the spice and aromatic perfume of sandal-wood glam candle increase the sense of relax. So, you just have to light the fire on and chilling yourself out in front of its magical flames: after a long day… finally home!

Ilaria Peparaio

We would like to remind you that among the services offered by Great Estate to its vendors, the one of the Home Staging stands too: a true marketing tool able to valorise a real estate property by improving its image, minimizing so the house imperfections and enhancing its values. In this way, the sale timings of a property are very reduced.

To learn more about it, please contact our head office: our professionals will be able to give you all the information needed.


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