Buying a house in Tuscany.Second homes favored by buyers from all over the world

Buying a house in Tuscany.Second homes favored by buyers from all over the world

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Probably, it is a dream of every buyer all over the world to buy a second home in Tuscany. Preferably it can be a nice house in the countryside with a plot of land. Of course, Tuscany has always been a dream of everyone’s imagination, an excellent place for relax and culture, a place of art and beauty and maybe for these reasons more and more people choose property in this region of Italy. Generally they arrive as tourists, fall in love with a particular village or landscape and then come back to look for a house of their dreams. Even despite the problems connected with economic crisis that reduced prices on 25/30% comparing with pre-crisis values; the property market is not so good as in other European countries but it has very favorable prices. Clients of different levels arrive in Italy not only from Northern Europe and the United States but also from new markets such as Russia and China, which in recent years have entered the Italian real estate market. They are looking for houses in countryside but not in total isolation, in areas easily accessible from the main roads; for property to restore or already restored houses but still maintaining the unique charm of Tuscan architecture. Not only countryside but also the coast properties are attractive for buyers with a budget from € 750,000 to € 4 million. The year 2014 began successfully and within the first months there was a growth of demand and probably, this growth will be continuing in 2015, the year that will confirm the recovery of real estate market.


Maria Letizia Vigorito

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