Buying a property in Orvieto with Great Estate

Buying a property in Orvieto with Great Estate

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Our clients’ satisfaction and sincere words on their purchase of a property in Umbria.

Medieval village’s have a fascinating history, interesting art, differing landscapes, appearance and traditions, and have always aroused a great interest in us as a favourite holiday destination.
We decided to move from the ‘scholarly’ Bologna that has become somewhat “excessive” of late, to the magnificent Orvieto, which is a perfect location for us, both in terms of spirit and environment.

Thanks to several fortunate coincidences, we found in an old house in Orvieto’s oldest district. The property has a tufo heart where you can clearly see the traces of a rather humble past but at the same time extraordinarily fascinating.

A property that, as well as having a very private and charming green space also has its own proper cave, making it unique in its own way.

We were delighted to find what we were looking for, a better future life, thanks to the seller’s affable pleasantness.

A very special thanks goes to the Great Estate Group, and in particular, Valter Luciani. The Group, not only has scrupulous professionalism and impeccable fairness but also a wide range of properties as well as an extraordinary manner. They assisted in our property purchase and in doing so helped us achieve our dream.

Patrizia e Giampiero

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