Buying an 18th century villa in Umbria.With an Italian garden and beautiful fountains

Buying an 18th century villa in Umbria.With an Italian garden and beautiful fountains

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Surrounded by an Italian garden and park with fountains, a swimming pool, a pond for swans, a gazebo, a small amphitheatre and a water well, this villa close to Perugia’s historic centre, is certainly one of the most beautiful properties you can find for sale at Great Estate Group. The villa’s design is that of a well-known architect who was inspired by 17th and 18th century Roman and Tuscan styles, utilizing and reinventing these stylistic themes. A stone façade tower, together with a pre existing building is surmounted by a ‘belvedere’ (terrace with a view) where a panoramic and atmospheric view can be had, at times magical, showing all its

beauty in the surrounding plains and hills up to Assisi, Perugia and Lake Trasimeno. A luxurious villa of undoubtedly historic and artistic value, enriched with frescoes and numerous classical and medieval-inspired ceiling and wall decorations. This is in addition to several living rooms and lounges, a billiards room, library and several bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. There are also the Salone’s original 18th century doors, painted by De Marchi, with many rooms adorned with fine marble fireplaces and a veranda with a terracotta and Deruta majolica floor. The villa, as well as the farmhouse, outbuildings, Italian garden and park surrounding it, makes this a property of particular artistic and historic interest by the Superintendent for the Environmental and Artistic Architectural and Historical Heritage of Umbria. And therefore is subject to protection and preservation regulations to maintain and preserve this prestigious and special property of interest.

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