Caterina Caloni: I’ll tell you why Great Estate

Caterina Caloni: I’ll tell you why Great Estate

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After her introduction, our real estate consultant Caterina Caloni is now going to explain why she decided to join the team led by Stefano Petri.
  • Caterina, let’s talk now about your cooperation with Great Estate. Do you remember how did you discover the Group?

Great Estate is famous in the real estate field and represents one of the most structured agencies in the centre of Italy. This is why, to be honest, I cannot remember the precise moment when I discovered it for the very first time. Anyway, I’m sure it happened while already working in this sector.

Indeed, some years ago, the person in charge for one of the offices of Engel&Volker – while telling me about the most important real estate agencies in Umbria – said the name of Great Estate.

  • When did you meet the Group’s CEO for the very first time? Can you tell us about your first impressions?

I met Stefano Petri after a contact request of mine. Considering the reputation of the Group and having visited its website, I wanted to discover more about the person who made it.

  • Since January, you have started to join the meetings of Great Estate during which Stefano Petri analyzed the results achieved in 2019 and talked about some news scheduled for 2020. What did you think on these occasions?

I had the confirmation of the strong structure of Great Estate, a Group able to train all its members by investing its time in the explanation of a tested working methodology, as well as of different tools and services, with the aim of reaching high results only.

  • Caterina, you told us that you have been working on the real estate for years now. Why did you decide to join GE?

My forma mentis was the reason why: I felt the need to find a structured reality with a consolidated methodology and some guide lines to follow and personalize.

  • In your opinion, which are the differences between Great Estate and its competitors? Which are its pluses?

As already said, Great Estate differs for its working methodology, thought and created by Stefano Petri. This represents surely a value for the agency. The organization uses some cutting-edge systems too. Moreover, it presents itself to the market with a fair approach, something that reflects itself in every professional too.

  • What are you currently dealing with?

Thanks to my personal knowledges, I’m currently dealing with the managing of the vendors, especially in the areas that I know better: North-Est and West Umbria, Arezzo and Siena provinces. Among my objectives, there is also the one of increase in this sense too: talking about things and places, improvisation is not always an advantage or productive.

Thank you very much Caterina!

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