Cetona: the Etruscans, the Middle Age and the amazing farmhouses in its countryside

Cetona: the Etruscans, the Middle Age and the amazing farmhouses in its countryside

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Let’s go to the discovery of the ancient hamlet of Cetona, between history and modernity.

Cetona is a medieval hamlet of Etruscan origins located at 384 meters above the sea level, at the base of its namesake volcanic Mountain. This area has been lived since the Etruscan and Roman ages. During the Middle Age – 15thcentury – Cetona was fortified by Siena. Today, there still are the fortress, three doors and important ruins of the town walls. The ancient fortified tower is the only thing remaining of the three towers. The visit to this small and beautiful hamlet lends itself to a pleasant walk which brings, from the main square – Piazza Garibaldi -, to Palazzo Minutelli – Cioli. This building hosts both the city hall and the Museo Civico per la Preistoria Del Monte Cetona, which documents all the different phases of the human history on the Monte Cetona area.

The Collegiata in the historic centre of Cetona.

Through Piazza Della Collegiata – 13thcentury -, where an ancient well stands, you can reach the Brugi arch and, by deviating for Via Dello Steccato, a panoramic view on both the mountain and countryside. Going through Via Della Fortezza, you will find other two panoramic viewpoints: one on Piazza Della Collegiata and the second overlooking the Rocca entrance and its surroundings.

But, what can we visit near Cetona?

First of all, the San Francesco convent which, according to the tradition, was created by San Francesco D’Assisi in 1212. Near to it, on a rock wall, we find many caverns and ancient ruins. Today, this area has been transformed into the Archaeological and Naturalistic Belvedere Park, where the main prehistoric settlements stand. Dug into the travertine, we find the Grotta Di San Francesco, the Noce and Poggetto caves – formerly used for funeral or ritual proposes – and the ancient town ruins.

A visit to the historic hamlet of Cetona may also represent the right occasion to discover and admire the amazing countryside which frames it.

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