Do you know the famous Castel Viscardo cotto?

Do you know the famous Castel Viscardo cotto?

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Today, we bring you to the discovery of the famous Castel Viscardo cotto and of some of our most fascinating and renovated farmhouses where this material has been used.

Castel Viscardo, located in the province of Terni, Umbria, and near Orvieto, is famous for its handmade cotto production. Indeed, the land of this area is particularly rich of a fine clay, which is essential to do the cotto. The most ancient furnace of the town dates back to 1300. During the years, others were created too, each one specialized in the production of different cotto articles: hollow flat tiles, tiles, bricks, roof tiles, shingles, ceilings, columns, buttresses, gutters and other special cotto elements.

The most famous cotto is the rose-coloured one, which is used in different ways as for the internal and external floors. In this case, there are many typologies of it: square, hexagonal and rectangular. Precisely because of the naturalness, beauty and durability features which identify it, the cotto of Castel Viscardo has been often used, during the history, for the renovation of important monuments: Piazza Del Campo in Siena, Reggia Di Caserta in Caserta, Villa D’Este in Tivoli, Palatino, Fori Imperiali and Colosseum in Rome.

Today, we can also find it into the floors of ancient renovated farmhouses. Regarding this, Great Estate, an agency which offers innovative and IT real estate intermediation services, was able to stabilize itself on the entire national territory as a referring point for the national and international clientele who wants to purchase and sell prestigious properties: extraordinary farmhouses, luxury villas, traditional apartments in the historical centres or at the sea.

For this reason, we want to propose you some of our best real estate proposals where the Castel Viscone cotto has been used:

Podere La Vigna”: an amazing and recently renovated property surrounded by a beautiful park where high trees, flowerbeds and olive trees stand. We are near the lovely town of San Casciano Dei Bagni, in an amazing location: very panoramic and hilly, a few kilometres from the famous Val D’Orcia valley.

During the renovation of this farmhouse, the original components of the building were maintained the most as possible. Beautiful is the bright living room with fireplace at the first floor, valorised by a hut ceiling which catches your attention. Moreover, all the windows of “Podere La Vigna” have been realized with aged chestnut wood, while floors with the Castel Viscardo cotto (click here to read the property tab).

Podere Del Poggio”: some days ago we presented you this amazing farmhouse, where rooms are enriched with Castel Viscardo cotto floors. Its location is incredible, a few kilometres from Oriveto. What are you waiting for? Moreover, you will find a very interesting article about this amazing Umbrian farmhouse, on-line soon on our Magazine (click here to read the property tab).

Discover this and all the other amazing properties on our website,

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