Efisio Borrelli and MigliorMutuoCasa.com: the choosing of your loan has never been so easy

Efisio Borrelli and MigliorMutuoCasa.com: the choosing of your loan has never been so easy

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We interviewed Efisio Borrelli, the GE partner and founder of MigliorMutuoCasa.com, a portal where it is possible to simulate your loan payments and ask for a feasibility opinion.

MigliorMutuoCasa.com, a GE partner, is an IT platform through which it is possible to receive an accurate and professional service, as well as download a short guide suggesting you how to choose and obtain the best loan in the shortest time possible. On the site, it is possible to simulate the payments of a loan and to ask for a feasibility opinion. 

An almost essential service for the people who are going to purchase a property.

We interviewed Mr. Efisio Borrelli, the founder of MigliorMutuoCasa.com, a GE partner.

Good morning Efisio, what is your job and your professional experience?

I am 35 years old. I am a credit consultant specialized in loans. I live in the centre of Tuscany, in my farm house. I took a degree in Economy at the University of Siena. I passed the financial planner exam and I am registered as agent in Financial Activity.

In 2009, I earn a master in “Coorporate Banking” at the Istituto Studi Bancari of Lucca. Since 2006 and for more than 8 years, I worked for Barclays Bank PLC, performing as Manager in an office of Barclays Mutui e Prestiti too. In 2007, I was rewarded as “Best Performer” into the agents commercial net. I have spent 6 years coordinating the framework agreement regarding the distribution of the Barclays mortgages among Barclays and 5 Co-operative Credit Banks of southern Tuscany.

At the end of 2013, I created the MigliorMutuoCasa.com web-portal and, since then, I have been dealing with its research and development sector. The intermediation one is managed by Franco Peruzzi and Simone Potena. Through the portal it is possible to obtain the simulation of the payments and ask for the feasibility of the Barclays Bank PLS mortgages.

Congratulations for your very interesting CV! When did you start your partnership with Great Estate?

I met Stefano Petri, the GE CEO, 6 years ago. During this years, we have been working to realize the dream of many Italians and internationals who purchased a property in Tuscany through a Barclays Bank loan. Great Estate Group is always been focused on the international markets. Precisely for this target of clientele, we have launched the English version of my website, labelled Bestitalianloan.com. This site wants to be the referring point for the international clients who want to finance their real estate purchasing in Italy. In this field, Great Estate represents, for me, the partner with who I want to improve my cooperation.

How do you support your clients?

Through MigliorMutuoCasa.com, clients can ask for the loans estimates and a feasibility opinion. If they want to finalize the mortgage, they can meet a consultant who will suggest them their best loan. Once the documents have been taken from the bank “check list”, clients will sign the loan request, which will be send to the credit office of the bank that has to approve it. The consultant will coordinate and organize the whole.

How do you see the future of the non-residents’ real estate investments done through loans?

Obviously, after a period when there was a slow – but constant – rising of the non-residents’ loans demands, we are now having – since the second semester of 2013 – a strong request of them connected to important purchasing. I have also to underline that we were able to deliberate something like the 95% of the loan demands we received. So, there is a great international investors’ trust into the loans and financial services dispended in Italy too.

A special thanks to Efisio Borrelli.

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