Fighting illegal construction.Pioneering a new satellite tracking project

Fighting illegal construction.Pioneering a new satellite tracking project

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The fight against illegal construction now has a new ally, in the form of a remote sensing satellite which is beginning to see positive results in prevention. Energy, Emergency and Smart City, were the topics discussed at the Geospatial World Tour held in Naples this year. The Giugliano Municipality in Campania in collaboration with Planetek Italy (a company operating in the field of Geographic Information Systems and processing of remotely sensed satellite images), have established a project providing quarterly high resolution satellite images with the aim of creating a new urban planning tool integrated with the current model. Illegal construction puts Italy’s natural heritage at risk. The World View 2 satellite seems to be the solution, equipped with innovative technologies that can detect potential manmade ground misuse and alterations. All the data collected will

be used to verify the changes in urban and rural planning and any areas of intervention will be monitored and identified. This will be achieved through collected images being compared to that of previous months. All information will be collected to update a Geographic Information System supplied to the Municipality so that the data can be studied in order to prevent crime. In the areas where this has been carried out, they have had a decrease in crime: 110 potential abuses identified in April 2013, 56 in July 2013, 49 in October 2013 and 45 in February 2014.

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