First ecological home.Heating and Hot Water Cost Nothing!

First ecological home.Heating and Hot Water Cost Nothing!

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Italy’s first eco-house, in Genoa, is energy class A + and comes with heating and hot water at almost always no cost. There are 8 apartments located in a residential building which has the best technology for winter heating and domestic hot water at a cost close to zero. For the first time in Italy, photovoltaic, geothermal and ‘ventilated wall’ installation have been brought together in one building. Nine probes, at a depth of 150 metres, take advantage of the constant underground temperature, extracting heat in winter and (geothermal energy) saving in summer, while the PV (photovoltaic) is made from monocrystalline silicon modules that convert solar energy. There are no boilers, no chimneys and no gas emissions inside any of the homes. In short, there is no need for fuel for either winter heating or air conditioning in the summer. A great saving in both economical and environmental terms, given the total absence of emissions.

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