Formia: Very soon the Expansion of the Real Estate Group

Formia: Very soon the Expansion of the Real Estate Group

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Soon GREAT ESTATE FORMIA Entrances Our Estate Group
Stefano Petri, CEO, tells us about the last meeting aimed to enlarge the Network towards Center South of Italy

I took part in this meeting hold in the area of Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga, in the province of Latina, thanks to my acquaintance with Engineer Aniello Ferraro and Architect Giancarlo Aversario, who is already the partners of Great Estate Immobiliare in Umbria, but both come from Campania.

There, a real estate agent Mr. Salvatore Valese, a lawyer Mr. Giuseppe Cece and a Chartered accountant Mr. Giuseppe Parasmo were waiting for us. The idea why these professionals have contacted Great Estate is that one to launch a new real estate agency, with our brand, within the project Great Estate Partners, in collaboration with other professionals, all connected with a real estate world in different ways.

They have showed us the location of the future office of Great Estate Formia, and we, from our part, have presented the project Great Estate Partners in details to Mr. Cece and Mr. Parasmo.

From the very beginning, they seemed to be very enthusiastic about the business solution presented to them, even with the first part introduced by Engineer Ferraro and Architect Aversario.

Stefano, could you explain us what is the value of the opening of a new agency with a brand “GREATE ESTATE” and, then, why Great Estate Formia?

Great Estate Formia has decided to start this new adventure establishing at once, the membership in Great Estate Partners. The latter has shared the mission offered by the Group with a great pleasure, and immediately obtained the strength of the brand, already well-known on the national and international level, and, first of all, felt the difference of being in or out of the Great Estate Partners Network.

The partnership with Great Estate allows a new-coming agency to reduce the maintenance costs, through the use of the structure and managing systems provided by the central office, offers an efficient service, thus, reducing the time and investments acquired for the visibility of the structure.

Thanks to the project of Great Estate, the partner can have a direct profit from the advertising means, now used by the Group, can use the constant assistance of the professionals and their innovative know-how and can enjoy the support of G.E.P. in the creation of an excellent database of the properties.

The latter aspect is considered to be a particularly important in the case of Great Estate Formia, as we are talking about the partner that has to be born yet. Regarding this, G.E.P. has provided the neo agency with a more than adequate number of properties to offer on the market in in the shortest time as possible.

What was your impression on arrival in Sperlonga and what is the new prospective of expansion in the South of the Lazio?

I should say that the impression on arrival in the area, considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of Italy (I am talking about Sperlonga), could be only positive!

The sea, the coast, the old town of Sperlonga, as well as Gaeta and Formia, offer the breath-taking views, just to think about the relax that you can feel living in these places, where a lot of tourists, Roman and Neapolitan citizens decide to escape from the chaotic city life.

It is obviously an advantage of Great Estate Partners to be present in this part of Italy, already included among the other objectives of Network’s expansion, inserted to the Business plan of the Group.

Therefore, we hope that it would be the begging of the Great Estate expansion on the Lazio coast.

What are the next steps that Great Estate wants to do in order to offer its clients the visibility plan of the properties on the national and international level?

Certainly, the investment in marketing is a fundamental aspect to cultivate and Great Estate is already working on it and will continue to do this through the Great Estate Partners network, improving it and trying to make the properties more visible, increasing the database of national and, first of all, international clients.

Dividing the costs for advertising with the sellers, Great Estate offers them a variety of Marketing Plans to choose and to buy, that can help clients to obtain an excellent result in terms of visibility.

The presence of Great Estate in the major advertising circuits, national and international, in the most famous paper-based and online magazines, the preparation of articles and brochures of the property, the sharing of the material in the most popular social networks, the creation of high-quality professional photo shoots, and not least, the ability to make videos of the property with the new drone DJI Phantom 4 purchased by Great Estate – these are the strong points of our brand, which make it one of the most visible real estate Groups in the world.

It is not enough just to make the property visible, it is necessary to know how to create a certain type of its image.

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