GE back-office: the interview to Marianna Gaiotto

GE back-office: the interview to Marianna Gaiotto

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After Anna Marchettini, today we are going to meet another very important member of the Great Estate back office team: Marianna Gaiotto.

Welcome, Marianna. Tell us something about yourself. Where do you come from? What is your story?

Hello everybody. I’m 24 years old and I live in Città Della Pieve, a beautiful hamlet in the province of Perugia. I was born in Umbria but, until 2014, I lived in Veneto, in the province of Treviso.

Describe yourself with three adjectives.

Cheerful, friendly, determinate.

Have you had any working experience before joining the Great Estate team? If so, which?

Yes, but having always wanted to give priority to my education, they were mostly summer and/or part-time jobs. I started in 2012 as a waitress at the restaurant of a well-known local hotel while, in 2014, I worked as a barmaid.

We know that you fluently speak different languages. Did you learn them in Italy or abroad?

My educational path has always been merely linguistic. Since middle school, I begun learning English and Spanish. In 2014, I obtained a diploma at Istituto Marco Belli in Portogruaro, Venice. There, in addition to English and Spanish, I studied German as well. My 5 years of high school were accompanied by several linguistic stages abroad. I took different linguistic certification courses: I got a certificate for each one of the above-mentioned languages, as well as for a basic French course. The same year, I started university. I graduated in October 2017 at the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Della Mediazione Linguistica in Perugia, Perugia. There, I’ve also approached a further language: Japanese. I love travelling, it is one of my greatest passions ever since I was a child, that I always tend to deepen it. Even if I haven’t had any further educational experience abroad, I’ve always tried and I still try to learn something new wherever I am.

How and when have you joined Great Estate?

I joined the Great Estate team in January 2018. As already said, until I graduated, I preferred to focus myself on my studies. After October 2017, I started a concrete job research. I was trying to find a job which would have possibly allowed me to put into practice what I had been learning for all those years. And so it was! About a month later, I had my first job interview with Stefano Petri, my/our CEO. The same day, in order to meet and discover both the agency and partners, Stefano invited me to participate at the GE general meeting that, as every year, would have been held right before Christmas. 

Which were your first impressions about the Agency, its team and organization?

I still perfectly remember that meeting, like it was yesterday. Even if I had studied the material Stefano provided me with during our last meeting, everything and everyone was new to me: it seemed that a whole galaxy had just opened its doors to me! It was a very intense day at the end of which I felt very enthusiastic, impatience and curious about what “joining the Gruppone” would have really meant!

What do you deal with in Great Estate?

Together with two colleagues of mine and since I joined the team, I’ve always dealt with the back-office of the GE head office. To be more specific, I personally deal with the property brochures, papers and Magazine translation, the agency mail-, customer care– and satisfaction– services and some other general secretary tasks. I also support the international clients management by making interpreting services during property visits.

Let’s now talk about Stefano Petri. Which were your first impressions about him?

Before my first job interview with Stefano, I did not know him. The cordiality and kindness he treated me with from the very first moment impressed me immediately. In him, during the time, I’ve personally found a man who dedicates soul and body to what he does, who deeply loves his agency and job, a very positive and smiling person who is always ready to motivate the people around him and with an incredible will to constantly improve himself – both from a personal and team point of view.

So, surely a boss, but also a point of reference for every one of us.

To date, what do you think about the Group?

After these two years of work with Great Estate, I can affirm that the strength of this agency stands in its offered services and products, but also and above all in the people and atmosphere that create it and which are its soul. Indeed, here the human factor has always been – and more it will be – supported (and not substituted) by modern IT tools which allow us to reach an even higher quality of work.

Before my arrival, Great Estate had already achieved very remarkable results. For my part, I could assist to a further increasing. Indeed, thanks to my task, I can bear first-hand witness how data are not the only element supporting my statement, but the same GE clients who, day by day and about from every corner of the World, contact Great Estate to entrust themselves to us for the sale or purchase of their dream home.

Marianna Gaiotto

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Marianna Gaiotto

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