Google looking to smart homes.Homes are becoming increasingly technological

Google looking to smart homes.Homes are becoming increasingly technological

Great Estate Network Jun 24, 2014 No Comments

Edited by Antonio Maprosti

The real estate market is increasingly interesting and “smart” enough to attract the attention of one of industry’s giant, Google. We are talking about a new way of living, a world in which we are constantly connected with our smartphones and smartwatches, we check video surveillance, smoke detectors, electrical appliances and much more. Nest, the start-up company, has in recent days, produced ‘smart’ thermostats which have been bought by Big G for over $3 billion, which has captured the home of the Dropcam video surveillance systems who were immediately asked by external developers and companies to create applications and services able to communicate with their devices. 5000 interested programmers have already come forward; respected partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Whirpool, Jawbone and IFTTT (applications where you can have ‘remote’ actions and services). In San Francisco in a few days, will see the long-awaited conference for Google developers that promises to be very interesting and newsworthy. The idea is to have everything under remote control and be able to communicate in the most literal sense of the term, with your own home. Among other things, Nest can also give voice commands using Google.

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