Great Estate and Konosko a new partnership for Great Estate

Great Estate and Konosko a new partnership for Great Estate

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The Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group it’s bigger to offer more services to its client. That’s the reason why it clinch new accords with prestigious companies in the world. Recently born the collaboration with Konosko Group, founded by Adriano Zublena, is an international group that has operated in the Republic of China since 1995, and has grown to become one of the leading operators and international leader in the field of legal, accounting and investment services. The Group employs highly qualified experienced staff and to date there are more than 120 people, including staff and external partners. The Konosko Group is compose of:- Shanghai Konosko Law Firm, – Shanghai Konosko Accounting Firm, – Shanghai Konosko Investment Consulting & Services. The Konosko Group’s Head Office is in Shanghai with the Italian headquarters located in the Turin province. The Group relies on the support of a network of professional firms and employees in Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil.
With our staff’s professional knowledge Konosko decided to develop a new entity of the group, Kire – Konosko International Real Estate. Kire chooses to work exclusively in Italy because we think by focusing on one splendid country, is a strength and a guarantee to our clients.

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