Great Estate Formia: Very Soon, the New Entry of the Real Estate Group

Great Estate Formia: Very Soon, the New Entry of the Real Estate Group

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We interview Mr Giancarlo Aversario, Architect, one of the main participants of the Great Estate Formia project, the future estate partner of the Group on the Lazio coast.

Hello, could you tell us briefly about yourself? What do you do?

Hello, I am a free professional; I work in collaboration with other professionals in the sector. I have a studio in Piazza Fortebraccio, in Montone, in the province of Perugia.

My university education is characterized by specialization in building planning: at my studio, there are also two surveyors and an engineer Aniello Ferraro. The surveyors deal with accounting, cadastral planning and building safety.

We work mainly with residential property, in the historic centres mostly but we have some projects with commercial/industrial real estates, thus, recently we have finished the new centre Poltronesofà in Perugia.

The spirit of the project is aimed especially at the protection of typological characters, of natural materials and their colours, in order to determine the minimum environmental impact and maximum integration with nearby buildings and the surrounding environment. The particular attention is paid to sustainability criteria, through energy and resources savings.

I took part in the numerous in-depth studies in bioclimatic architecture and sustainability of buildings. With my collaborators, we implemented important projects characterized by bioclimatic study and the environmental sustainability of buildings, the saving of energy and water, waste recycling, the use of eco-friendly materials, as well as the indoor quality, with attestation certificates.

How did you meet Stefano Petri, Great Estate CEO?

I know Mr. Giacomo Migli, the responsible for “Le Case sul Lago”, the agency in the area of Lake Trasimeno and the partner of the Group for several years. He described the project Great Estate Partners. Thus, me and engineer Ferraro were intrigued and decided to organize some meetings in Siena. We have pleasantly discovered numerous common points and, first of all, the very similar vision of the real estate market.

Could you tell us about the meeting that was recently held at Lazio coast, between Formia, Gaeta e Sperlonga?

We have organised a meeting in these beautiful zones to present the new project that will be implemented soon. We have shown to Stefano Petri the area of interest (FormiaGaetaSperlonga) and the location where we are planning to launch Great Estate Formia

What is it, the project Great Estate Formia?

Great Estate Formia was born from the idea to create a place where the tourists, and not only, will be able to use, at one moment and at one place, the services of a team including competent professionals, independent from each other but connected in some way by real estate world. The object appreciated by many people is to optimise the time, without the necessity of looking for a real estate agent, a lawyer, an accountant, a financial planner, an engineer, and anything else for the purchase and renovation of a property.

And exactly because of this, in broad vision, we have chosen Great Estate. It is not easy to find a real estate agency that has the strength of the group as an important added value. This is the reason why we chose your brand.

Who was involved in the meeting?

The meeting, besides me and my colleague, was also featured by the presence of the Engineer Ferraro, the Lawyer Giuseppe Cece, the accountant Dr Giuseppe Parasmo, the real estate agent of the area Mr Salvatore Valese. Soon, a Financial Promoter and an Insurance Agent will join the Group. I would like to use an opportunity and to thank Mr Antonio Capuano who helped me to assemble together in one place all professionals mentioned above.

Briefly speaking, a wide range of professionals!

Why among the huge variety of real estate agencies present on the national territory you have chosen The Great Estate Group?

“Communication” is the aspect that has attracted me to the Group. I have studied, with experience, that after a great work it is necessary to give the right importance to the mentioned step. The marketing and the capacity to communicate overseas should be done constantly and fundamentally. And Great Estate is a guarantee in this case.

Moreover, IT development is one more strength of the Group.

The project The Best Price is exceptional, to say the least. And we witnessed it in Siena and remained very satisfied with the results.

To conclude, the seriousness of Stefano Petri and his desire of constant improvement have confirmed our choice!

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