Great Estate go to China. New development project for the Chinese market

Great Estate go to China. New development project for the Chinese market

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Edited by Alessandra Conforti

The luxury real estate market is increasingly adapting to foreign buyers of various nationalities, and like any other sector, Russia and China are the leaders. They buy and invest, focusing on Italy that is, in the popular imagination, a country linked to culture and beauty. The Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, which always focuses on an international market, has developed links with Russia and now China, with the launch of a project in collaboration with Dr. Simone Vicari. Stefano Petri, CEO of the Group, tells us how it began and how such a project will be carried out.

Stefano, explain how the idea for this project came about?

It comes from a decade of openness to international markets, and a market analysis was carried out by Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group that saw a growing presence of Chinese investors to our beautiful Italy.

And how will this new project develop?

It will develop in collaboration with Dr. Simone Vicari who has strong economic interests in China and knows the market well.

How did this collaboration with Dr. Vicari come about?

Coelho writes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires so that you realize your desire”, the collaboration was in fact by chance, as Dr. Vicari was in the past, one of our clients. This created a deep mutual respect that has led to the development of this collaborative project. I believe that the desire of Great Estate to become the ‘go to’ agency for the Italian market abroad set in motion a series of “alchemy” that is difficult to motivate with ‘simple’ words.

What channels will be used to advertise property in China?

Namely our website, by March this year, has now been fully translated into Chinese (in addition to English, German and Russian), Chinese portals of international interest in this sector as well as cooperation with a network of agencies in China. Obviously as well as the press and with various other Chinese businesses. Finally, good will and the values of fairness and professionalism that have always distinguished the Group.

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