Great Estate is even more social: an ad hoc work at the service of the community

Great Estate is even more social: an ad hoc work at the service of the community

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are the main channels for digital marketing strategies of Great Estate. A privileged window on our world based on a fundamental principle: telling you our story.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell” (Seth Godin)

Telling stories is maybe one of the most ancient activities of ever. It is the bedrock of the human being who, in order to establish relations among each other, has immediately learned how to do it. Today, the technological progress brought the tale to the highest level we have ever reached both in terms of importance and methodology. In this universe of tales, social media have a very important role for both private individuals and businesses.

Social media involve and humanize. They are extremely democratic and bring universal access to information. They give us voice, colors, sound and, why not, emotions precisely because they are telling about histories.

For Great Estate, social media allow us to tell you about ourselves as an agency and a group of professionals. During these last years, we chose to work carefully on this digital marketing special aspect. We studied a strategy which could match with our vision, that could represent us while aimed to connect more people as possible to our brand. A very complex work coming from the cooperation with the web agency Engine Lab – based in Bologna – that, in order to tell our history, implemented all the active platforms of Great Estate.

Everything comes from an idea: opening ourselves to the world, giving you so the possibility to discover the “backstage” of our job and who, day-by-day, carries it out with a great professionalism.

An ideal work for social networks: digital windows on millions of different universes and the main global communication channels. Also in this case, some primary platforms have been chosen.

Through the page we have on Facebook, the objective we want to reach is to offer a view of the many activities connected to our agency.

The main character of this communication strategy is our Magazine that, precisely on Facebook, finds its best place: here, indeed, Great Estate’s stories are told and discovered. So, by reviving contents and histories, and by opening doors to increase the knowledge of the agency from a new point of view, the Group’s Facebook page is at the service of our Magazine.

And more! The GE real estate proposals for sale find their space on Facebook too! In jargon, they represent our core business. The great value which Facebook gives to images and media contents allows us to highlight the quality of what we offer and, in this way, to give the community a reason to keep following us.

This attention towards the visual aspect is even more predominant on Instagram: here, real estate proposals are the absolute protagonists. Every detail has a role and defines a specific audience.

LinkedIn and Twitter, instead, are the megaphones of our strength as an agency. Starting from the Magazine, through these socials we give space to our interviews and more technical articles.

To conclude, this incredible work finds its strength right on the features of every single channel, each one of which plays its role and allows us to be connected to the majority of people possible.

A followers’ community that can transform itself into clients but that, in any case, will always find in Great Estate a real estate sector referring point.

The same goes for the clients of the Group. For this reason, it is important – talking about digital marketing strategies – to think about this specific public. Being them often its main protagonists, our clients are the first target of our communication. A fundamental part of the audience which, for us, has a crucial role.

Our clients are our best ambassadors, our special influencers.

To carry this digital tale on is fundamental to increase our public and receive feedback on our activities.
This is why we are asking you to follow us on our channels and give us your opinion about the quality of our communication.
What would you like to see on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest profiles?
Please, support our increasing!
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