Great Estate’s estimating department: our interview with Tullio Morandi

Great Estate’s estimating department: our interview with Tullio Morandi

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Tullio Morandi, head of our group’s evaluation department.

– Hi Tullio. First of all, would you like to tell us something about yourself?

Hi Chiara. I grew up in Piazze, a small hamlet in the municipality of Cetona, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. My school education is purely scientific: I attended the Liceo Scientifico in Città della Pieve and then Engineering at the University of Perugia, where I first obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and then a Master’s degree in Environmental and Territorial Engineering. I am a sunny, creative, outgoing, and curious person. I love learning new things, have a strong sense of duty, and am very precise.

– Did you have any other work experience before joining Great Estate?

I have had previous experience in the school world as a teacher of Mathematics and Physics, both in primary and secondary schools.

– Did you already know our group and Stefano Petri, CEO of GE? What is your professional (and personal) opinion of him?

I had heard of Great Estate because it employs people I grew up with and who have now become my colleagues. I didn’t know Stefano Petri personally, but I knew that, just like me, he grew up in Piazze, and I had always heard good things about him.

This was confirmed the day I met him personally: I was very impressed by his human side and the positivity he conveys. Since I’ve been working at Great Estate I’ve had the chance to get to know him better, and I see in him a person who always wants to improve and surpass himself, day after day:

an example and a point of reference for our whole group.

– What were your initial impressions of the company, the team and the organisation?

One of the aspects that struck me most was the professionalism that characterises the “way” of working at Great Estate. I think that the union of the group is the real strength of this company. I have been able to catch a real unity of intentions from each professional who, in the process followed to reach the set objectives, always uses the word “WE” instead of “I”.

– How long have you been working with Great Estate and what do you do specifically?

For about seven months now. I deal with property esimates: I’m in charge of our valuation department.

Specifically, I carry out verification work: I check the entry of property data into our management system by individual professionals and, through the daily use of our powerful tool The Best Price, I carry out estimates to identify the most objective market value of any property and, therefore, the best sale price of each one.

– As a professional, what is your opinion on the innovative tools that Great Estate makes available to its professionals and on which GE’s working method is based?

I was very impressed by the power of the well-structured tools made available to professionals to carry out the sale of properties, following the application of precise steps: evaluation, visibility, verification, and … sale: our method.

More specifically, the first tool I want to talk about is called The Best Price, a statistical data analysis tool that provides every client and every professional in the group with the possibility of identifying with great precision the best valuation scenario for each individual property.

Another very important tool is The Best Position, the tool that allows to define and propose to the seller client the most effective and targeted marketing plan, a goal that can be achieved thanks to the daily update of the best answers offered by the market, targeted both to different types of properties and to different values and locations.

Finally, a third tool, The Best Redemption, can be used to check the market’s response in terms of visibility and, should the results not be satisfactory in terms of creating the basis for sales, this tool can provide the individual professional with the opportunity to intervene, making the right changes to the advertising strategy adopted.

– Tullio, are you satisfied with the work you do?

Yes, I am very satisfied!

I can say that every day I work in this group makes me grow more and more, both professionally and personally.
The atmosphere at Great Estate is very familiar and characterised by a great unity of purpose among colleagues, with whom I have a wonderful relationship.

– Would you like to tell us how the Great Estate Group has changed in recent years?

I have only been working at Great Estate for about 7 months, but I know that the company’s achievements over the last few years are truly remarkable.

For my part, thanks to the work I do, I have been able to appreciate The Best Price property valuation tool: it is an IT tool of the highest quality, which our IT department integrates and improves on a daily basis in order to make it even more efficient in all respects.

Among the Group’s future plans is to offer the client (buyer/seller) the possibility of drawing up valuations independently directly from our website, with the possibility of three different levels of accuracy. 

  1. A valuation made through The Best Price directly by the owner or the client concerned (an innovative possibility that will allow the client to use the same intelligence employed by the professional of the group: a series of internal algorithms will allow the system to enter data in a simple way, allowing the client to obtain a more than satisfactory result).
  2. A valuation drawn up by the real estate agent.
  3. Finally, an evaluation drafted by me.

In addition to this, I would also like to talk about a great innovation structured by our group during the pandemic period we all experienced: the Virtual Visits project.

Thanks to the commitment of professionals, the latter has offered and is offering our buyer clients the possibility to view the properties they are interested in from the comfort of their own home PC.

So, an innovative service that, in this pandemic period, has allowed our buyer clients to virtually experience what has become their property in Italy.
In fact, the Virtual Visits project is giving us great satisfaction, since in the first half of 2021 the group made 20 VIRTUAL SALES, in addition to last year’s 22.

– In your opinion, how does Great Estate differ from other real estate structures?

It stands out both for the services and products it offers, which are detailed and precise, and for the people who make it up. I strongly believe that the human factor is the real winning aspect for achieving great results!

Great estate is a group of young professionals who are united in the achievement of their goals. As I told you before, one of the aspects, if not the most important, that struck me was the group’s unity.

I am proud and happy to be part of this fantastic family!

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