House plan approved brief summary of the changes

House plan approved brief summary of the changes

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The Chamber of Deputies has recently approved a new housing plan which includes urgent measures driven by the housing construction crisis and Italy’s hosting of Expo 2015. Here is a brief summary of the key changes;

Flat Rate tax of 10% for those paying subsidised rents

For the period 2014-2017, the flat rate of tax for those paying subsidised rents in densely populated municipalities will be reduced from 15% to 10%.

Flat rate tax of 10% for those paying subsidised rents in municipalities affected by disasters.

Also for the four-year period 2014-2017, the rate is reduced to 10% for those in subsidised rental accommodation in municipalities that, in the preceding five years, were granted emergency status as a result of a natural disaster.

Deduction of expenses for the purchase of furniture

Until 31 December 2014, the expenses incurred for the purchase of furniture and large appliances will be counted for the purpose of income tax deduction. This is regardless of the amount of expenses incurred for renovation work.

Combating illegal occupation of properties

Anyone who illegally occupies property without title will not be able to apply for residency or access public services in relation to the property itself. Acts issued in violation of this prohibition shall be null and void to all intents and purposes of law.

Civil sanctions for unregistered contracts

Subject to, and up to 31.12.2015, the effects produced and the legal relationships arising out of leases registered under the provisions of – the paragraphs 8 and 9 of Art. 3 of Legislative Decree n. 23 / ’11 are no longer in force having been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court judgment no. 50 of 14.03.2014 .

Greater protection for buyers of properties to be built

The purchaser of a property yet to be built may not waive the protection provided by the Decree. n.122/2005 (containing, in fact, the provisions for the protection of property rights of buyers of properties yet to be built) and that any clause to the contrary is void and should be understood as not fit for purpose. These measures are extended to the spouse of the purchaser of a property.

Finance Fund for those wishing to rent as well as for those who are in arrears.

Increased funding is now available for those who wish to rent through the provision Ln431/1998 as well as fro those tenants who are in arrears through the provision DLN 102/2013.

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