Housebuying is back!Optimism in the real estate sector

Housebuying is back!Optimism in the real estate sector

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There is a slow recovery in the real estate sector, according to data released by Nomisma, an independent company that carries out economic research and consulting for businesses, associations and public administrations at national and international levels. Since the last quarter of 2013 the real estate industry seems to be witnessing a recovery that suggests we can look to the future with optimism even though, according to Nomisma, purchases are still slow. Probably the main cause of this is the continued uncertainty about the property Tasi and Imu taxes. Figures suggest that the number of families interested in buying a property is 324,000, given the figure was lower last year this is some cause for optimism. This will then tend to drive up prices, which are currently 26% below the pre crisis peak, according to Nomisma. They suggest that Milan is the most expensive city while Palermo the cheapest. It still seems to be true, however, that the luxury housing market is always of interest to buyers from all over the world. It is essential though to use the right channels and strategies to ensure that you sell at the best time. The best loved areas for foreigners remain Tuscany and central Italy (Umbria and Marche), the Ligurian Riviera and Sardinia. The area around the lakes, particularly Lake Como, recently declared the most beautiful lake in the world by The Huffington Post, and the art cities like Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice also remain alluring and popular.

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