How to renovate a property – first part

How to renovate a property – first part

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The surveyor Stefano Rocchini, one of the specialists cooperating with GE, is going to propose us an useful vademecum for an easy creation of your dream home – the first part.

You have just purchased your dream home!

The landscape you can enjoy from that window gives you amazing sunsets on the hills which you have always desired, while the living room is now so large to allow you hosting all your friends. The external area is perfect for yhe swimming pool you have always dreamt. So.. it is true love. Now, you just have to renovate it, but..

How to do it?

The renovation of a property, especially the one of an ancient home, brings to economically and timing important choices. For this reason, a careful planning and preparation of the owner is needed. So, it is fundamental to ask yourself this question before starting any work: indeed, on the one hand, you will have to know and respect the logical order of the architectonical, structural, system and improvement works realization while, on the other hand, you will have to prepare the eventual bureaucratic papers for your project.

At least under three points of view, this initial organization is very attractive:

  • It allows you to choose the best specialists of the field you could need;
  • It guarantees you the positive realization of the works;
  • It guarantees you a more serene construction management.

An extremely encouraging prospective, isn’t it?

Then, here you have the essential steps to follow in order to renovate your home in tranquillity and some useful suggestions to avoid any mistake.

The initial verifications

First of all, a due diligence of your property is fundamental: this is because renovating a house means renovate also the elements which can not be seen.

This document will have to analyse, among the others, the urbanistic and cadastral situation of the building: everything registered to the Municipality offices where the property stands and to the Property Registry Office have to correspond to the reality. If the property has been recently purchased, all those verifications will be done by your trusted Notary and specialist before the final deed of sale.

Finally, a due diligence has to analyze the urbanistic classification. This classification is based on the Municipality urbanistic tool and has to underline the eventual possibilities of enlargement and the renovation typologies possible, as well as eventual further limitations like, for example, the landscape, ideological and seismic ones.

We remember you that the professionals of the GE Group deal personally with all the urbanistic, cadastral and mortgage verifications needed before the final deed of sale signing: in this way, our buyers can achieve this important moment in tranquility!

1- The preliminary phase of the project

Once the budget for your renovation investment has been decided, you will have, together with your designer, create a general solution, the so called preliminary solution, which may satisfy you both in terms of beauty and space distribution. Then, your expert will have to draw you an economic framework including, in general, the works, technical, municipality, utilities and taxes (e.g.: VAT) possible costs. This paper will also have to contain the eventual percentages of unexpected events which generally, on the base of works typology, can vary from a 5% to a 15%. If the total amount emerging from the economic framework does not pass your budget, you will be finally able to start the second part, the so called conclusive one.

2- The conclusive phase of the project

Now it is the turn of the most active phase of the project: indeed, from the debate with the designer (designers), the architectonical, structural, systems choices will take place. Obviously, they have to be in compliance with the current regulation.

Moreover, during this phase, the specialist will control and update the economic framework, which will now become more detailed: to the choices taken, some real calculations will support the owner during the economic verification of what he/she had planned.

3- The executive phase of the project

Maybe, it could be considered the most delicate phase: between you and the specialists who are dealing with your property already, the companies which will concretely do the works will appear. A tendering procedure where the bills of quantity created during the previous phase are integrated and issued to the chosen companies in order to let them propose their economic solutions: the construction company, plumber, electrician, doors and windows supplier and, if included, the gardening company. You can also decide to give the entire tender process to an unique project leader. Usually, it is the construction company which, in its organization, includes those specialists.

While waiting for the chosen companies offers issuing, the specialists create the detailed executive and site safety – the so called safety and coordination of sites plans – projects.

It is a compulsory fulfillment at the presence, even if not contemporary, of two or more companies and essential for the organization of the site and workers’ safety.

When all the offers have been issued, the owners, together with the designers and after some verifications, will choose the companies. Usually, the criteria used for this kind of selection are not just economical, but also connected to the skills and flexibility proved. A tender contract will be signed with every company involved: it will include the payments, timing, penalties, conditions of the works. 

Great Estate developed a large net of professionals able to offer, among the many, a fiscal and technical consultancy too. Indeed, our group is partner of some services companies which offer pre and post-sale assistance and guarantee excellent timing, quality and developing modalities of the renovation works (click here to discover more). An ever-increasing list of certificated experts. In this way, GE proposes to its clients a pre-selection of trusted companies since the beginning.

This is the first part of the properties renovation vademecum. If you are curious about the next one, keep reading our magazine.

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