In the core of the Marche region, “Agriturismo Sito Archeologico”

In the core of the Marche region, “Agriturismo Sito Archeologico”

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In the Marche region, at just 60 kilometers from the coast, discover a traditional farmhouse located near an important archaeological site.

Many of you will probably know “Parco di Sentinum” already: it is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Marche region. Near the town of Sassoferrato, this site includes two areas that are connected between each other by a pedestrian footbridge that merges into a large parking.

Of the ancient Roman town – an Archaeological Park since 1994 –, it is still possible to see its two main roads: the cardine massimo and decumano massimo. Moreover, it is also possible to admire the ruins of a public thermal bath, the ancient walls, mosaic floors, granite columns, foundations, pavements, the old drainage system, the ruins of a tetrastyle temple dating back to the Augustan period and the ones of other buildings of the historic centre.

We find ourselves in an area of the Marche region with a very high historic value and, for this reason, with a great touristic appeal.

A really good reason to start – right near this important archaeological heritage – a touristic accommodation business.

Has this idea made you curious? So, Great Estate has the right property for you: “Agriturismo Sito Archeologico”.

It is a beautiful touristic accommodation surrounded by five hectares of land. By following the new anti-seismic rules, it has been completely renovated.

With its really charming and strategic location, “Agriturismo Sito Archeologico” offers different and interesting potentialities that you could use to valorize the structure.

Indeed, in addition to the current 8 bedrooms and apartment, the building features will allow you to realize a further floor where to create other rooms, a SPA, as well as other kinds of services for the agriturismo.

Would you like to discover “Agriturismo Sito Archeologico” more in detail? So, visit our website and call at the GE head office: our professionals will give you all the information needed!

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