Interview with Kingsley Walker currency trader for Foremost Currency Group

Interview with Kingsley Walker currency trader for Foremost Currency Group

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Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group collaborate with Foremost Currency Group.
Here the interview with Kingsley Walker, Currency Trader for Foremost Currency Group.
When was your company formed and how has it developed through the years?

1. The Foremost Currency Group was formed in 2005 by the Managing Director Robin McEwen and has continued to grow since. In the years following 2005 the Foremost Currency Group continued to see success and is now a market leader in what is a very competitive industry. In 2007 the Foremost Property Group was launched, a property portal for estate agents to advertise their properties on and gain greater exposure in the market place. In 2009 Foremost Online was launched, a 24/7 trading platform allowing clients to buy or sell currency outside of working hours. Since 2005 it has grown in strength year on year doubling in terms of both turnover and staff. We have continued to expand both our private and business client portfolios and developed a dedicated team specialising in the currency markets.

What are the services that you offer to clients referred to you?

2. Clients referred to the Foremost Group can expect first class customer service and industry leading exchange rates. We offer a number of options to both private and business clients, whether that be a spot contract which is currency bought on the day live to the market or a forward option which allows you to fix rates up to 2 years in the future. You can further protect yourself with additional tools such as, stops and limits. Stops protect you if the market conditions are moving against you. Limits are used if you are looking to achieve a certain exchange rate that may not be quite achievable however, once the market surpasses this rate your currency is bought.

What types of clients are referred to you and from which countries are the majority of clients?

3. Our private clients are from a diverse background we have couples looking for retirement properties to young developers looking to renovate and invest abroad. We deal with small business owners to managing directors of national corporations. The portfolio is varied and it means we always have to be knowledgeable and up to date on current events, this serves us well when guiding our clients through the currency markets. The majority of clients are UK based, we trade in up to 25 different currencies ensuring that we can meet any client’s currency needs. All clients benefit from our currency expertise no matter what the requirement.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Great Estate Chesterton?

4. Great Estate Chesterton’s pride themselves on the trust that people place with them to sell their prestigious properties, they ensure this trust is confounded by having a professional and organized team behind them. Here at Foremost we conduct ourselves in very much the same way as we realize that trust is important when dealing with people’s finances. Therefore a collaboration with our two companies was seen as a natural progression of two organizations sharing the same ideals.

What do you think are the major strengths that your company can offer to clients ?

5. Potential customers to the Foremost Group can look forward to dealing with a personal, dedicated broker throughout their whole transaction and any future transactions. We believe this is hugely beneficial as it allows our customers and brokers to build great relationships ensuring that we are always aware of clients currency needs. We have adopted the ‘old fashioned’ approach to banking, where a rapport is made with clients and this is testament to 78% of our business being referred to us.


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