Interview with Mrs and Mr Shaked. How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany

Interview with Mrs and Mr Shaked. How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany

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Why did you decide to purchase a farmhouse in Italy?

The dream to buy a house in Italy started many years ago. We always had a great passion for Tuscany. We travel to Italy very often and for many years. We love its people, the culture, the food, its beautiful countryside, wine, wonderful weather, art and music and the Italian lifestyle.

For us the flight to Italy is only three hours which makes it very attractive.
I engage in many aspects of the culinary field: cooking, recipes developing, teaching and food styling. The fresh food products, delicious herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables and wonderful Italian culinary tradition are a source of great inspiration for me. My husband is a mountain bike rider and Tuscany with its beautiful scenery offers him many beautiful and challenging riding trails.

How did you find Great Estate Group?

I have found great estate on a simple google search, while searching for a house on the internet.

It was difficult to find the right property for

We were looking for a house for a long time, but it was very difficult to find the right house, a house that meets our demands. We have visited many houses before we found “Le Contesse”.

Why did you choose this particular farmhouse?

When we started looking for a house, we promised ourselves that we will follow our heart and that once we will find the right home, we will feel it immediately. At “Le Contesse” immediately, upon entry, we felt at home. We fell in love with the house on the very first second we saw it. It had all the elements we were looking for. It was exactly how we imagined our Tuscan dream house.

What do you think is the most beautiful part of the farmhouse?

There are so many wonderful fixtures in “Le Contesse”. It has the most beautiful garden and a wonderful swimming pool, the former owners have renovated the main farmhouse brilliantly. We love its colors, interior designing and the fact that it is spacious and cozy at the same time.

Can you tell us your experience with Great Estate Group?

Great Estate team were very professional all the way long. They had the nicest house collection we have ever visited during our house hunting. Stefano Roberto, and Elisa were very attentive to our needs and requirement and selected a very good collection of houses for visiting. They insisted that we have to visit “Le Contesse” which was a very good decision. We appreciate their devoted attitude not only through the buying process. They keep supporting and helping us through the process of registering and exchanging ownership of all house’s utilities accounts.

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