“Italy is back” The Italian real estate market becomes attractive abroad again

“Italy is back” The Italian real estate market becomes attractive abroad again

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During the conference organized in London by Legance Lawyers Associates, devoted to the foreign investments in Italian real estate market, there were presented numerous data illustrating the recovery of Italian economy with a rising index  for real estate transactions carried out in Italy (from 2012 – till nowadays).

The growing confidence in our country, in terms of investments, is owing to implementation of the reforms introduced by the government of Renzi; the proof of this is a constant growth of mortgages and funding in the second quarter of 2015 increased by 23.1% comparing with the same period last year, as well as for the first nine months of 2015 were recorded the investment in Italian real estate market by foreign investors equal more than five billion euro, with an increase of 87% compared to the first months of 2014.

The data is absolutely positive and raises big hopes for 2016; it seems that the crisis of 2008 is overcome with a significant return of international investments to our country.

The fact confirming this data is that just during the previous month our international customers have viewed several properties, including:

link:(http://www.greatestate.it/casa/I_cpge001420_casale-di-prestigio-in-vendita-in-umbria-la-rocca-Rustici-e-casali-UMBRIA-Terni-Orvieto.aspx |La Rocca)

link:(http://www.greatestate.it/casa/I_spge002793_centro-storico-ristrutturato-in-vendita-in-toscana-Centri-storici-TOSCANA-Siena-Cetona.aspx |La Cascina)

link:(http://www.greatestate.it/casa/I_csge002545_casale-ristrutturato-in-vendita-in-toscana-casale-la-massubilla-Rustici-e-casali-TOSCANA-Siena-Cetona.aspx|La Masubilla)









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