Italy’s focuses on agriculture and tourism

Italy’s focuses on agriculture and tourism

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Great excitement at Great Estate & Chesterton real estate Group with their new development project for the Chinese market. We spoke with Stefano Petri, the CEO, who explained how this came about and how it has been shaped with the help of Dr. Simone Vicari and, more importantly, how it will then be developed. Today we talk about the vision of Dr. Michele Bean, of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, who is responsible for developing this new sector with wineries and farms that are particularly in vogue at the moment.

This new development also arises from the increasingly evident need of Italians to evolve towards agriculture and tourism which is their natural inclination.

So is this the right direction at the moment?

Italy is a nation that does not have natural resources like Russia or Africa, but has a very rich and varied natural environment, with the addition of a unique historical heritage, for me there is no comparison. This is the future.

So who is this new project targeted at?

This was created for those who have a disposable income and a desire to invest in what is certainly Italy’s future.

Who will, it’s still too early to say, in addition to acquiring a better, healthier lifestyle, what is certain is that they will have a life changing opportunity: nothing will be as before.

You mean the relationship we have with land?

Yes, agriculture in general, including wine production, is an experience that changes your perception of the world, of where we are in it and this increases the sensitivity of that relationship.

Edited by Alessandra Conforti

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