Le Fablier even in the kitchen

Le Fablier even in the kitchen

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No longer is the ‘Le Fablier’ brand present in the bedrooms and living areas only, but in 2014, they are now furnishing all the rooms of our home by moving into the kitchen! Three new lines have been introduced to meet every taste: Gems, Cherries and Pomegranate. Their assurance is guaranteed by the uniqueness, elegance and quality that have always characterized le fablier products. They create items that are not only elegant but true works of art that can also be shown off in homes. As kitchens have now become living spaces in their own right, where you can receive guests and spend time, the designs reflect this with fine inlays and geometric designs. In addition to these three styles, le Fablier offers the opportunity to create bespoke design projects thanks to their presence in homes. They are a designer of quality that will advise and interpret your home.

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