Marble: quality, beauty and luxury

Marble: quality, beauty and luxury

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Traditionally, marble has been always used both for the floors and rooms decorations. Let’s discover the beauty of this stone.

Italian marbles are considered the most prestigious in the world because of their different varieties, from the most classic to the more rare and special ones. First of all, the marble eternal beauty comes from its colour that, very often, establishes its quality too. Moreover, other important features of this stone concern the quantity and position of the marble veining, as well as the grade of its surface compactness.

Travertine marble is great if used for the bathrooms: this is the most used typology both because of its huge presence – in Italy – and its ease to be worked. It is widely used not just because of its beauty: the travertine comes from limestone deposits originated from thermal waters, so exposed to the water itself and, since the antiquity, finds its ideal place in the bathrooms. To be carefully treated – especially during its cleaning – marble is a natural stone able to transmit excellent healthy qualities, pleasant to touch and with an eternal durability.

Travertine marble

Talking about bathrooms, many typologies of marble may be used: from the travertine to the delicate Portugal pick-, biancone-, green-, Iraqui yellow-, Guatemala green-, onyx- and Italian Carrara marble.

These different typologies of marble are used to “decorate” some parts of the bathrooms as sink-tops or walls details. Given its price, the decision of realizing a room with marble may be “economically important”.

Iraqui yellow marble

For this reason, as an alternative, it would be possible to choose the marble to enrich just some elements of the bathroom like the sink or bath tub.

Regarding the floors or marble coverings, a precise evaluation of the material functionality according to the use you are thinking to give it is fundamental. For a bathroom used in a very few occasions, marble may be used without any particular doubt while, otherwise, it is better to choose a different material.

Finally, the bathroom-tops: in order to make your bathroom really prestigious, the most correct choice is the one of realizing it with marble. Given that every sheet is characterized by a colour and a unique veining, marble is absolutely personal and a pure raw material. The final result will be the one of a marble bathroom-top which will make your bathroom very personal.

In these cases, the most prestigious marbles are many, depending on the personal taste: from the eternal Carrara to the delicate Portugal pink or the sparkling Guatemala green marbles. Both the bath-tub and bathroom-tops have to be considered real investments, ready to give an eternal satisfaction to those who own them.

Among the different prestigious properties that Great Estate proposes for sale, we are going to present you two where marble has been used.

Il Bosco Incantato”:

This is an amazing property located near the historic centre of San Casciano Dei Bagni, surrounded by an unpolluted nature, where we can find more than 100 olive and fruit trees. The two farmhouses, as well as the guesthouse of this property, have been carefully renovated in order to maintain the traditional style of the Tuscan country estates (discover the property here).

Villa Brunamonti”:

Amazing historical home dating back to the 19th century (click here to see the property) and belonged to poetess Alinda Bonacci Brunamonti: a very stunning villa. Its marble staircase is of great impact. Carefully renovated, “Villa Brunamonti” leaves you breathless for its frescos and mosaics, as well as for its ancient cotto and marble floors. The whole property is immersed into a luxuriant park with romantic small lake, in a walk distance from the Umbrian towns of Trevi and Spoleto.

You will be able to discover these and many other marvellous properties signed GE by visiting our website.

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