New Delhi on the verge of collapse.In a few years the population will reach 37 million

New Delhi on the verge of collapse.In a few years the population will reach 37 million

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If you are stressed out from the daily grind and looking for a place to relax for your mind and body then New Delhi is not for you! According to the United Nations, the Indian city is on the verge of collapse due to overcrowding, pollution, inadequate urban transport, water scarcity and lack of planning. The city will face enormous challenges in the coming years as its population is forecast to reach 37 million within the next 15 years. According to one, not exactly rosy scenario, by the Times of India, the city will be close to collapse by this point. Every day in New Dellhi about 2 million commuters use the subway while 80 million vehicles are on the roads resulting in increased air pollution. Of great concern is the water supply in the city as 46% of households have no fresh water or sanitation and take water direct from the river Yamuna. This creates enormous hygiene problems despite numerous drainage plans that, so far, have not yielded great results. The production of electricity is at its lowest level for 10 years although demand has doubled. This has led to long summer blackouts that occur on a daily basis. This is a catastrophic situation that has alerted the United Nations.

In the UN ‘World Urbanization Prospects 2014’ report presented in New York last week, the largest city in the world was Tokyo, followed by New Delhi, Shanghai and Mexico City. The other mega-cities of India, is Mumbai, which is in sixth place, but is expected to become the fourth in 2030 when its population will rise to 28 million from the current 21 million.-ANSA
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