New horizons for the surveyor conference on new professional standards

New horizons for the surveyor conference on new professional standards

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A conference took place on July the 9th in Rome entitled “The technical and legal surveyor: the new horizons”. The conference was organised by CNGeGL, the Surveyors Foundation, CIPAG and GEOWEB, under the patronage of the Ministry of Justice. The aim of the conference was to highlight to wider institutions and technical professions, the work that CNGeGL is undertaking to enhance the cultural and professional skills of surveyors who carry out technical advice and increasingly legal responsibilities in the area of real estate

appraisal. Also present at the conference was Cosimo Maria Ferri, Justice Secretary, who stated that

Specialization and technical ability characterise the professional activity in the current socio-economic context. Professional auditing will increasingly play a key role in crisis management procedures of companies. The valuation of buildings, from a transparency viewpoint, is one of the keys to ensure the stability of the banking sector, with benefits both for individuals who are seeking credit for the purchase of a property, and for companies who require a more solid basis for the capitalization of their income to increase investments. The introduction of objective principles to make assessments more reliable for the actual value of the property will allow greater competition and modernization of the banking sector, making it more efficient, dynamic and integrated at the European level. It seems evident that these innovations provide greater protection for citizens and businesses, as well as an attempt to simplify bureaucratic procedures, implemented in a timely manner by the technical professions, will make the system in Italy more efficient and functional

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