New York: skyscrapers threaten central park environmentalists alert

New York: skyscrapers threaten central park environmentalists alert

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There is a threat to the microclimate of one of the most famous parks in the world. According to environmentalists, the shade produced by skyscrapers under construction, will risk severely damaging the micro-climate of Central Park, the only green area of Manhattan.

“On the basis of studies on new buildings’ shadows, it is clear that existing regulations do not protect Central Park, nor do they offer a set framework to guide real estate development. On the contrary, the existing legislation has caught the public and the regulators themselves by surprise. They should revise the zoning around our main open spaces

Thus, the New York Municipal Art Society has reported that the estimate would be as many as 11 towers causing problems with their long shadows. In particular, the skyscraper on Highway 57 is causing the most problems, a period building, home to the Rizzoli library.
According to studies carried out, the tower’s shadow could end the famous Central Park zoo, the Carousel, the pond and at least two “playgrounds” (the play areas). According to builders, however, ‘this is unfounded and alarmist’ states Gary Barnett as he prepares to build a skyscraper 457 metres high, the shadow of these towers would increase to about 10 minutes a day. “Posterity will judge” and we will see who wins the day!

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