“Palazzetto Del Giglio”, a prestigious residence in the core of Turin, in the Cit-Turin district

“Palazzetto Del Giglio”, a prestigious residence in the core of Turin, in the Cit-Turin district

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The interview to Vito De Carlo, the “Palazzetto Del Giglio” owner, a Turin property for sale with Great Estate.

Let’s talk about “Palazzetto Del Giglio”, a Liberty residence created during the early ‘90s. Which is its history?

“Palazzetto Del Giglio” was created in 1905 by architect Bellia. Works were commissioned by an influent Jewish family.

The property sits into Cit-Turin, a very historic and famous city district.

The property is located in Turin, a rich and historical city in the North of Italy. Can you describe it to us shortly?

 Turin is “royal”: it is THE elegant city, the only one which had a master plan. It was also the first capital of Italy and here a very important dynasty, the Savoiafamily, lived.

Turin is “evolutionist”: it proved to be able, during the centuries, to change “style” and vocation different times. Let’s consider its industrial past and its current touristic attraction.

Turin is “industrious” and a “workshop” at the same time.

Thinking about its industrial story rich of companies, people, workers, knowledges. It is a “workshop” because here many has been invented: let’s consider the cinema or car industries – just to some examples -. In this sense, it is also “pioneering”.

You are an entrepreneur. In your opinion, why should be interesting to invest in Turin?

I am going to answer you by quoting a Gardian articles of a few days ago: Turin stands among the 10 best European destinations to be visited. A “must to see”, and at just 9 years from the Olympic event. I think it is a very important data.

Turin is a developing city, which is well connected to the rest of the Country and Europe.

So, it is perfect both to be lived and to work in.

The Turin Polytechnic and University, ones of the most famous and important in Italy, receive a very high international presence.

So, this is a young, dynamic and innovative city, able to welcome the future.

Would you suggest Great Estate to our readers?

Sure! Here, you will find some very “human” professionals able to meet the clients’ needs and the market ones. 


“Palazzetto Del Giglio” is a unique reality. Its buyer will be aware that the image of its company/residence will be guaranteed by the property itself, its location and the prospective to live in one of the best districts of one of the best Italian cities.

Vito De Carlo

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