Real Estate – Via dei Colli Immobiliare, partner of Great Estate Group in Umbria: successes of 2016

Real Estate – Via dei Colli Immobiliare, partner of Great Estate Group in Umbria: successes of 2016

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Via dei Colli Immobiliare, a real estate agency based in Umbria, partnered with the Great Estate Group has achieved great successes in 2016 and is clearly moving into 2017 with a winning strategy.

Traditional country houses and apartments in the historic centres of Italy’s most beautiful towns and villages are the most sought after property types, of their clients.

This year the real estate agency Via dei Colli, partner of Great Estate, concluded five major property sales, thanks to the continual activity of the Great Estate Groups network of real estate agencies.

Deals, sales and negotiations for over two and a half million euro, brought to successful conclusion thanks to the professionalism, correctness, transparency and fairness of the professionals of the Group and, and in particular, of Via Dei Colli.

A beautiful stone farmhouse in Marsciano, in the province of Perugia, covering over 300 square meters on two floors, with surrounding lands adorned with olive trees and beautiful panoramic views across the green hills of Umbria was bought by French clients of Via dei Colli.
The property had been partially renovated according to the traditional standards of rustic farmhouses, of the region, with a large fireplace in the living room, tiled floors and wooden beams with terracotta inlay.

A portion of a villa, measuring 165 square meters, with an enchanting view over Trasimeno Lake with also: a swimming pool, beautiful communal garden, open terrace, lovely pergola, living room with large and bright veranda overlooking the lake. All of this just a short walk from Passignano, one of the finest villages on the shores of the Umbrian lake, was sold to some Italian clients of Via dei Colli.

Lake Trasimeno has been a preferred location for more of Via dei Colli’s clients.

In fact clients of Via dei Colli, residing in Switzerland, also decided to buy their “dream slice of the Italian way of life” close to Lake Trasimeno. The sale involved a country house on three floors, between Tuscany and Umbria, two of the most beautiful regions of Italy. The property also boasts a swimming pool, soccer field, olive grove and a large paved outside area with a wood oven, where you can spend pleasant summer evenings, dinning al fresco in good company. This prestigious property, perfect as a second home or as a main residence, has captured the hearts of Great Estate clients’.

And the successes of Via Dei Colli do not end here.

Another prestigious residence of 150 square meters built completely in stone, in the municipality of PietralungaPerugia, has been purchased by some English clients. Positioned in a panoramic position, with an annex of 40 square meters, recently renovated, interior walls partly done with stone, wooden beamed ceilings, private garden, swimming pool and more than two hectares of land complete the luxurious location.

Finally, a fascinating portion of a totally detached stone farmhouse, all placed within a larger exclusive residential complex, nestled within 16 hectares of unspoilt Umbrian countryside, with gardens, swimming pool, tennis court and a resident caretaker, was purchased by Italian clients.

It is evident that even in 2016, not withstanding the particularly unfavourable economic times and situations, was a profitable year for Via Dei Colli and thereby also for The Great Estate Group.

The constant work done by the professionals, within the Great Estate Group, along with their continued investment in marketing and a highly honed method made it possible to achieve very satisfying results!

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