Real market decreasing, how to improve

Real market decreasing, how to improve

Great Estate Network Feb 06, 2013 No Comments

The Italian real estate market frame is not one of the best. According to some recent articles, 2013 has been a terrible year. Is it possible to contrast this period? Great Estate & Chesterton is positive, the importance is being professional and clear. Since its creation, this are the basis of the group led by Stefano Petri. Obviously, this group feels the crisis too, but it also decided to face the crisis investing into its services. To today, the group is one of the few offering a so high national and international advertising quality, including in the Russian and Chinese areas. This and a lot more allowedGreat Estate & Chesterton to start 2014 with the sale of 8 luxury properties, two of which of more than a million euros. Typologies vary, from the sea villa to the country estate, from the Israeli to the Russian clients. So, in a so critical moment, swimming against the tide betting on professionalism and quality, pays you back and produces great results.

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