Reality: The new IT project of Great Estate

Reality: The new IT project of Great Estate

Great Estate Network Dec 13, 2016 No Comments

Reality is the new technological project of Great Estate, fruit of the innovative ideas of real-estate professionals, university graduates, IT professionals, and expert analysts in company development & management.

Reality is a system of business location intelligence, which supports decision processes related to real estate valuations, based on objective scientific methods.
Reality offers a dashboard of spatiotemporal exploration of real-estate data, generating evidence and analysis that can guide a client through the process of the valuation.

Reality has been designed to meet the specific needs of a real estate valuation within the Italian market, highly heterogeneous in its distribution of values, wealth, geographical and temporal variability of external variables involved in the generation of a valuation.

The valuation scenario that the system offers includes results of increasing reliability, based on the data, used as a yardstick for comparison, during the analysis procedures and also collecting data from the Italian Property Observatory, Inland Revenue Agency, and of course from actual property sales and concluded trades.

Apart from the actual valuation, Reality also provides projected modes of advertising, whereby the user can choose which Marketing Plan. The right Marketing Plan to give the right targeted visibility to the specific property, according to eCommerce logic and keeping absolutely in step with the times.

Not only can Reality provide an accurate property valuation it can also identify key words to be included in the property description and in various magazine articles so as to create maximum correlating content, regarding the property and therefore increate the visibility of the property and the ease with which to reach it in searches.

With Reality it will be possible to automatically update property advertisements across multiple portals and property platforms, (for instance, after a price change or an update to the property information) on both national and international leading industry estate portals and publications. Whereby saving time and resources and, not lastly, with a greater degree of accuracy and expediency made available to customers.

The online statistics module, is an analysis of the market tool, through which the property owner is able to understand the marketing activities carried out by the various partner groups, giving a clear view as to the property inquiries received, the visits done to the property and most importantly the feedback from the potential buyers, this data can be helpful in determining a winning sales strategy.

But Reality is not “only” this. Moreover Reality provides an excellent form of client database management, this results from the experience of professionals from within the Great Estate Group, and aims to solve difficulties that they have encountered over the years.

From today, for example, new clients looking to buy will be able to be shared with multiple agents, there by offering the client all possible viewpoints and expertise, for better management and satisfaction of the customer.

Reality truly looks like an innovative leading project that will be able to optimize the work of all professionals and agencies partnered with Great Estate and offer our customers an increasingly advanced service.

Iuliia Sharenko

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