Selling property to russian clients in Tuoro sul Trasimeno.The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse to Russians.

Selling property to russian clients in Tuoro sul Trasimeno.The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse to Russians.

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Once again, another achievement by the Great Estate Group with the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Magione. We interview Dr. Riccardo Luculli who is responsible for the Romanas Agency who manages sellers:

|Riccardo, could you tell us how long you have had this property and how you convinced the clients to entrust the sale to you and the Great Estate Group?
The relationship with the client, in this case, the sellers, began accidentally. I was having a pizza and an old friend asked me if I could help sell a nice property in Montecolognola in Magione owned by the parents of his ex girlfriend! So I went and found the German owners, having understood the potential of the Great Estate Group, they had some specific questions and after my answers they accepted the conditions for an international marketing plan. It is with a hint of pride that I can also add that they had visited Engel & Volkers in Siena and had not signed any contract with them to sell even though they were their fellow countrymen!|


You advertised this property with an international contract and the results were really quick and interesting, what do you think are the reasons for this?

Here, too, I must say that this is the result of a really good mix of factors from the Great Estate Group. Typically:

• A valuation in line with market prices;
• An accurate representation of the property;
• Combined with an appropriate marketing plan;
• Given the right information and Voilà, the sale is made!

Joking aside, the property is managed by all the right Great Estate tools!

You sold the farmhouse to Russian clients. Most of us think that the Russians buy villas by the sea, why do you think they chose to buy this farmhouse on Lake Trasimeno?

Generalizations don’t make for good decisions.
Yes, there are Russians who buy in fabulous places with fantastic prices which make headlines! But the vast majority of Russian buyers go where there is a substantial quality/price ratio of the property as well as adequate assistance with their demands.

How was your partnership with Dr. Natalia Kazmina who handled the buyers?

With Natalia everything was perfect because she was with her beautiful 2 year old girl and all parties, buyers and sellers alike were enchanted by her. In addition, she excellently managed the rapport with the clients of her native tongue: she gave precise answers and at the appropriate time, those questions that could easily upset the buy/sell ratio.

What is a normal partnership like with the Great Estate Group?

It can be described this way: conscientious, meticulous and with results!

What does this mean for those who cannot sell a property in the Lake Trasimeno area?

Trasimeno is a beautiful and fascinating area-illuminating. Attracting clients from all over the world, from the great managers and business people, ‘gods’ of Hollywood, and those who seek the true beauty of Italy. For which there can be only two issues for a NON sale: inaccurate valuations and lack of global marketing. If you fall into this range, don’t talk any more about Trasimeno, Val d’Orcia, Cortona, or the Northern Lakes: as each area has its fair price and its buyer!

You just need to follow these simple rules and have partners like … Great Estate!

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