Sole Agent

Sole Agent

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The sole agent is a contract in which Great Estate &Chesterton real estate group is committed, in a given period of time, to advise and suggest to clients at least 4 properties with all the specifications they are looking for.

Each proposal will be submitted with a technical verification report in which the investment will be examined accurately against all the possible problems of purchase such as, the urban appearance and property structure, the condition and state of internal plumbing and electrics, constraints and indications on the actual property value.

This due diligence approach ensures a property purchase without any nasty surprises.
This contract allows the client to have a wide range of services in addition to those provided automatically by Great Estate – Chesterton real estate group, namely:

  • Previews of real estate investments.
    The current real estate market, identifying properties that offer excellent investment. Having a preferential method allows the client to make an informed decision on business real estate investment.
  • One professional / single point of contact.
    A single professional point of contact will gather, over time, all the crucial information required in order to give the client the best possible choice. Knowledge of the purchasers’ requirements and the trust that will be established between the parties ensures the best possible outcome. In this sense, Great Estate-Chesterton real estate group can also make checks on properties for sale offered by other agencies and signpost this information to the client.
  • Fairness, professionalism and availability.
    Worldwide real estate agency has, at its core, the goal not just to sell at all costs but sell the right property to the right client. This is invaluable.
  • Due diligence
    Technical reports with specific professional advice for property investment, feasibility and marketability.
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