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Coronavirus – the Italian real estate market situation and some tips for the Russian buyers: investing in the luxury properties in Italy

We all are going through a very particular period which will surely leave an indelible mark in history. By analyzing the current economic situation on its complex and, in particular, of the real estate market, the experts will talk about

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Purchasing a luxury property downtown? Milan is one of the most requested locations

According to a rank, among the most requested “City-Location” for the luxury real estate investments, “our” Milan stands too., the international portal specialized in prestigious properties through which Great Estate Immobiliare has been advertising its properties for years

Beautiful Locations for Weddings of Your Dreams in Umbria: Some Jewelleries of Great Estate

Great Estate presents some locations for fairy-tale weddings: The Renaissance villas and Medieval residences are only some of the charming places for an unforgettable “royal family” wedding. When we think about the term “Investment” some key concepts from the financial

Selling a luxury property to foreign clients. The secrets to getting noticed worldwide

If you have recently or not so recently put your beautiful farmhouse or your luxury villa by the sea on sale, you will probably have often heard that the best buyers at the moment are foreigners. We’re not just talking