An autumn garden.The 5 flowering plants that bloom in autumn

An autumn garden.The 5 flowering plants that bloom in autumn

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For many, autumn is a sad season when you think of the end of the summer and a return to the office. Autumn can, however, surprise you with its colours and beauty. This autumn, in particular, seems particularly enjoyable with pleasant temperatures that encourage us into the garden. Let us have a quick look at some of the seasons’ plants and flowers. We have selected 5 wonderful plants that bloom during the season and can make your garden more colourful:

• Autumn Cyclamen

They belong to the cyclamen family and flourish in the autumn. They are perfect for your garden or balcony with their beautiful pink flowers.

• Ornamental Cabbages

The cabbage flowers are wonderful and can easily be planted in pots. Their leaves bloom in a colourful harmony with large flowers. Their flowering begins in the autumn and being very resistant to cold, they can be kept well into the winter.

• Erica

This is a hardy plant which begins its flowering period right in the heart of the autumn period. Its flowers range in colour from deep purple to pale pink.

• Celosia

The flowering of the celosia begins in summer but lasts throughout the autumn. Its flowers are among the most colourful of all so why not make your garden a bit more Technicolor!

• Skimmia

Get yourself a Skimmia seedling. Not only will it give you a wonderful bloom during the autumn but will give your garden a touch of colour throughout the winter. Its branches will fill out it with beautiful red berries.

If you have a lot of space, perhaps in a beautiful house like this, then you can really indulge in the outdoors by creating magic corners decorated in a different way. This will then allow you to experience the beauty of the countryside all year round.

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