THE ARCHITECTURE OF GROSSETO Let’s Talk about ““Poggio Lungo”, a Farmhouse for Sale

THE ARCHITECTURE OF GROSSETO Let’s Talk about ““Poggio Lungo”, a Farmhouse for Sale

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The architectural journal “Architetture Grosseto” in the 18th 2014 issue tells about a beautiful real estate established for sale with Great Estate Group, “Colle Lungo” in maremma.

Located a few kilometers from Sorano, “Colle Lungo” has been completely restored with the criteria of environmental sustainability, following the project of an architect Filippo Spaini. This beautiful building is situated on a gentle hill of Tuscan Maremma, in a place rich in history and nature. In fact, when it was bought by the current owners it was smaller and supposed to be a main residence, so they decided to extend it. But firstly, the whole building was renovated and then enlarged. The oldest part, dated back to the early decades of the last century, and the new part were rebuilt according to the criteria of bio building in brick, steel and glass. The project involved the use of wooden cedar beams and handmade bricks by Castel Viscardo for the roof, then covered with original tiles and Zintek in the modern part that now presented by a large living room. All the flooring, interior and exterior (except the part in white travertine of Bagno Vignoni) is in solid oak, plasters are organic in pozzolan and lime, and the windows are in laminated pine with shatterproof glass. Each part was carefully designed using the high quality materials. Thanks to the special attention paid to green building, the house is very economical in terms of energy. The water is heated through the solar panels while the heating system is integrated and consists of two boilers, pellet and gpl. Also in the living room there is a modern economical wood cooker, working with excellent house insulation. As a result, owners have sufficient heating.





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