The assignment for sale: why choosing, through a My Agent, the professionalism of Great Estate – first part –

The assignment for sale: why choosing, through a My Agent, the professionalism of Great Estate – first part –

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Stefano Petri explains to our readers the different implications of selling your property to a high professional and trusted agency: the first part of the article.

At a certain point of your life, the moment comes: the decision to sell your home.

As everyone, you are probably asking yourself which strategy could be the best to find the right buyer, able to appreciate all the features of your beautiful home. Therefore, when you are going to make such an important step, a rush of emotions and doubts crowds your mind: which agency should I choose? How should I do?

Generally, the most common thoughts are:   

  1. I can sell my property by my own, so I do not have to pay any agency.
  2. Selling by my own is not so easy as I thought at the beginning. Now, I have understood that the best solution is to give the assignment for sale at many agencies as possible. So, being them competitors, they will work hard.
  3. Maybe I will be able to achieve the best result possible when I identify the best solution for my property and start working with a specialist on the field by giving him/her an exclusive assignment for sale.

Every vendor, when considering the sale of his/her property, has those doubts. In order to allow you to take the best decision possible, I am going to help you to learn some easy but efficient things.

However, I want to start with the news you are interested in the most, that is which of the above mentioned possibilities is the best.

THE RIGHT ONE IS THE THIRD. When you decide to sell a property, you first make an analysis of the agencies which may give you the best consultancy possible in order to reach the final goal. Then, you have to entrust yourself to the one you prefer by giving it an exclusive assignment for sale. Surely, you are now thinking:

“what do you expect a real estate agent to say”

You are right, I would have thought the same. It is also true that, by reading this article, you will realize that I am currently offering you a very important consultancy.

Let’s analyse the three above mentioned points, first things first:


As Italian people, we are a population of sailors, saints, poets, managers, pizza chefs and, why not, critics, as much as we love talking about what we like, judge, list or classify. We always think to be the smartest and cleverest ones, able to do everything better than the others. Probably it is right, but we often forget to analyse an important element: what is necessary to do, in every sector, to really become efficient and professional. Commitment, study, skills and experience are needed.

I will make you some examples.

Let’s think about a surgeon: a school career of 20 years, a specialization and a 2-3 years internship. So, I want to ask you: would you let a 30-years-old surgeon operating you?

Probably not or, in any case, you would be very worried because you would prefer to have a doctor with almost 10-20 years of professional experience. This is because you know that those years would have had formed him, so it is less probable an error during your surgery.

Another example: what is needed to cook a tasty tomato spaghetti dish? Apparently, it is a very simple recipe to make. So why there are some people willing to pay 30 euros for a Chef Cannavacciuolo’s spaghetto in a Villa near the D’Orta Lake? Because they know that, behind the most easy thing in the world too, it is always necessary to know a series of variables which may determine its success or failure.

If you are considering to sell your property by your own, it could be important for you to ask yourself some questions:

  • In order to do an objective estimate of my property, do I know the real estate market of the area where it is?
  • In order to do an objective estimate of my property, am I able to analyse the surfaces, qualities and features of my home?
  • May I, as the owner, be not objective while estimating my property?
  • Do I know which urban, cadastral, mortgage, fiscal, legal elements of my property have to be analysed?
  • Am I able to create a great presentation of my property with professional photos and multi-language precise descriptions? 
  • Am I able to create some external drone and inner 360° professional videos?
  • Do I know what the “Home Staging” is?
  • Do I know how to advertise my property in the best way possible? Portals, paper advertisement, social, exhibitions, etc.
  • Am I able to understand the market changes and so adapt the promotion of my property?
  • Could I perfectly answer to a client asking me different questions about the urban, cadastral, mortgage, legal and fiscal features of my property?
  • Am I able to answer to an international client owning a different approach from the Italian one?
  • Do I own already a database of clients to which proposing my property?
  • Do I have the possibility to verify my performances compared to my competitors’ ones?
  • In order to officialize a well-done purchasing offer, am I able to advise the buyer?
  • Am I able to protect my interests during a legal transaction as the deed of sale is?
  • Can I affirm to own the right and needed experience on every above mentioned point?

I know what you are thinking about now:

“maybe, I believed it was easier!”

Anyway, you can start verifying the veracity of all those indications by yourself and, if you want to take the most convenient choice for you, consider the agencies fees as the right recognition for the execution of all the above mentioned activities, for the experience and the skills of every professional who, day by day, is always trying to increase.

To be continued…

Keep following our magazine to read the second and last part of our CEO’s article about the importance of the Great Estate assignments for sale. 

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