The Chinese invest in Italy and they do so with the Great Estate

The Chinese invest in Italy and they do so with the Great Estate

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Edited by Alessandra Conforti

The Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group have just launched their ‘China project’ of attracting Chinese investment to Italy, and in recent days there has been the first visit of Chinese clients. Let’s here from Simone Vicari, the Group’s China project manager who organized the visits, to tell us how he acquired these clients!

Initially the Chinese clients had a contract with a company in Shanghai, with regard to real estate, construction and the International Education of Asians and therefore this company had an important database of potential clients

Was it easy to arrange visits with the support of the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group?

It was an important and comprehensive task, with the aim of a very aggressive schedule to have a very diverse selection of properties in less than 48 hours and I must say that we were able to conclude this first pilot operation with great success, offering our clients a 5 star service

How did these visits go and what did they see?

We wanted to organise the visit to property or investment opportunities that are unique to Italy, let us not forget that for years the Chinese have invested abroad in the USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain etc, so we went to see some typical traditional Tuscan farmhouses, then we visited a hotel within an exclusive location, villas in the Monte Argentario area, as well as a beautiful castle and exclusive apartments in its port area. Obviously, this selection focused on the particular type and budget of our first clients, who not only already expressed their strong interest to invest, but also had a very strategic purpose

A positive visit and once again we were able to emphasize the professionalism of the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group, who, as always, rises to new challenges: addressing a new growing and developing market in Italy.

Maria Letizia Vigorito

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