The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful farmhouse in Trevi, in Umbria

The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful farmhouse in Trevi, in Umbria

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Yet again, the Great Estate Group has had success in selling a beautiful farmhouse in Trevi, in Umbria.

We interview Ilaria Peparaio, who managed the buyers:

“Ilaria, could you tell us how long you have managed these clients and from which advertising network did they come?

I have managed them for about four years and they came through the website.

In these four years they have seen many properties mainly due to the extensive real estate database that the group has and with each day we gained greater buyer confidence for delivering them numerous solutions with optimal professionalism.

High quality photos, detailed descriptions as well as property floor plans are a lot of work that the group do at the beginning.

Over time however this work is rewarded with customer confidence especially when the property is managed by more than one real estate agent. The client may experience firsthand the difference in the attention given to property schedules by various real estate agencies.

“Where are your clients from?

They are Italian, but due to their work commitments, they work in the diplomatic sector, they are constantly on the move (and so are currently in the US).

“Did the clients have a clear idea of what they wanted? Was it a complicated choice? And did the clients view many properties

The clients had a clear idea of a property they wanted, one that was the best example of its type (on one floor) located in the historic centre with ample outdoor space in an Umbrian medieval town. However, they didn’t know what types of properties were currently on offer and so with my many years of experience with Great Estate, I was able to recommend several viewings of farmhouses that had spacious gardens in areas that were not too isolated but near to an urban setting that would offer all the necessary amenities and conveniences required.

The “San Nicolo” farmhouse is situated only 12km from Spoleto and about half hour from Perugiawhile Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is only an hour and a half away.

“Working with Pierdomenico Gervasi who managed the sellers, how was that?

It was a very positive experience with excellent strength and expertise. Pierdomenico has brilliant technical experience as well. He was able to resolve some issues in a short space of time during the successful negotiations.

“The Great Estate group does fantastic work for international clients, what do you think are the reasons for their strong visibility and positive results?

It is thanks to their substantial investment in advertising as well as the professionalism of the Great Estate Group, who assist the client every step of the way. This is as well as always advising clients of the best investments. They also spend time and take great care with the property’s photos and brochure that is then uploaded onto their website. These are all very important factors that make the difference.

“What does this mean to those who cannot sell a farmhouse in the Umbrian area?

We should always be guided by the property’s valuations; we know the real estate market and always recommend solutions to satisfy even the most demanding client.

Besides having an asking price that is in line with the current real estate market, we always advise owners to rely on one real estate agent only with which to share an advertising commitment. This is through the market’s performance on a monthly basis with analytical and marketing tools which Great Estate use every day that are not considered by other real estate agencies. And this represents an added value; for this reason, when we advise the client to rely on the best, I believe the answer is quite simple.

Casale San Nicolò” code: cpge002456 – price: € 550.000

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