Great Estate as reference point for photo shoots and strategic presentations to get the best

Great Estate as reference point for photo shoots and strategic presentations to get the best

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One of the main objectives of the Great Estate Group has always been to photographically present properties in the best possible way.

As has been said before the photo shoot is an important part of this process and is not as simple as it sounds. Apart from the camera and Photoshop software there are many other important factors that determine the success of the photo shoot and include the following:
– Give the owners plenty of advance warning so they can have their property looking its best,
– Choose a sunny day,
– Choose the right lights,
Frame the shots,
– Try to see it through the viewers’ eyes and bring out the soul of the property.

Once the shoot is complete the next important phase of the process is to choose the photographs to showcase the property that will be subsequently included in the brochure.

Then it’s post-production and the actual inclusion of the photographs in the brochure.

As you can see all this is not just a quick 10 minute job!

For some of the larger properties it can be more than a day’s work to sign off on the final brochure.

The quality of our photographic presentation is not only appreciated by our clients but also by other agencies who sometimes use our photos without authorization and also, perhaps, without consulting the owners!

The Great Estate Group has now become a benchmark and the work we do every day is not easily comparable with that of other real estate agencies in the area.
To get a better idea just look at the services we offer to sellers and buyers.

Perhaps it is for this reason that people turn to us and are extremely satisfied with our work.

Edited by Silvia Piovanello and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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